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Sex dolls come in many different heights, ranging from 66 cm to 170 cm, with built-in stainless steel skeleton and super flexible joints, and when not in use, it is best to keep the doll flat and not folded.

When buying dolls the higher the height of the doll storage is more difficult, this point we must pay attention to when buying, plus the storage conditions of dolls and private privacy issues, how to storage these super realistic full body size sex dolls to be a problem. Below we have 3 recommended ways for storage love dolls.

The most recommended way was to use the sofa box as a storage tool to store life size adult TPE sex dolls, the appearance of the sofa box is actually a sofa, the average person will not know what is contained inside, it looks like a normal sofa, plus the sofa box is also with a concealed lock, so now you do not have to worry about privacy issues, different height of the doll can be matched with a sofa box of the same size as its height.

In addition to custom sofa box storage dolls, you can also go to the furniture market to buy a bed with large storage space, you can lift your mattress, this kind of bed can be opened under the bed, which is enough space to store several real feel solid sex dolls! You can also go for a custom-made closet and hang the dolls in it.

Also, no matter which way you are using to storage your best love perfect curvy TPE sex dolls, there are a few guidelines to adhere to.

First of all, TPE & silicone dolls can not stand for a long time, it is best to ensure that the storage space inside the front face up flat, but also put a little something in the waist to support the waist. Try not to use those clothes or blankets that will lose color to wrap your love doll, the manufacturer shipped with a blanket can be used to wrap the doll.

The sex doll stored in the storage box, if you do not use for a long time, still need to occasionally apply talcum powder to the skin surface of the doll to keep the skin dry. In order to avoid unnecessary damage to the doll, the storage of dolls around the presence of ink, corrosive gases or liquids, sharp objects and other such things.

These are some detailed suggestions for doll storage, if you have more questions about storing sex dolls, welcome to consult UXDOLL.COM. As a professional and reliable online adult sex doll sellers, they will be able to give professional answers.

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These puffy nipples are sure to impress. What are puffy nipples and why are they so hot? Well, I think you already know the answer but just in case you don’t, puffy nipples make for an interesting time because of the areolas, and for those of us with that kink, that’s exactly what gets us going.

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