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I like to think that I come from a country with particularly beautiful women and in fact it’s something that’s pointed out by foreigners on their visit rather consistently. I remember a rock band on their first tour here mentioning on the radio that their first impression of the country was that everyone are models.

That said, I have very seldom, if ever, seen women as spectacularly beautiful as the girls on Twistys.

Just look at this girl in picture and let me tell you I could have chosen just about any picture and it would have been a 9.5/10 girl. The only reason I picked this one is because of a her puffy nipples, I have a bit of a thing for that you see.

By the way, because you’re wondering, the only reason I don’t rathe them 10/10 is because it is said that nobody’s perfect so who am I to change the rules.

You can use this Twistys discount for 51% off the regular price and get six sites for the price of one.

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